Everyone deserves to live a stress-free life with financial freedom.
Our job is to provide you with the service, tools, and education you need to prepare you for the debt-free life you deserve.

How We Help You Improve Your Credit

Your credit impacts almost every area of your financial life. Now, more than ever, it is important to have the best credit possible. At Chadwick Financial we take a holistic approach to legally improve your credit report.

Remove Errors

Remove inaccurate and unverifiable items that are holding your credit scores back.

Establish Credit

Apply for new credit to rebuild start building positive credit.

Manage Your Balances

We give you an action plan to manage your balances to maximize your credit scores.

Educate for Success

Stay connected and stay on top of your credit and finances!


Credit Repair Services

$249 Individual

Monthly Fee: $99 Individual

Get a full professional review of your entire credit report. Your credit audit will provide you a full analysis of all 3 credit reports and scores and explain the steps we will be taking to repair your credit.

  • 3 Bureau Audit/Analysis
  • 24/7 Client Portal Access
  • Obtain Identification Documents
  • Prepare 1st round of Dispute Letters
  • Credit Education
  • Credit Building Tools
  • Unlimited disputes to all 3 bureaus
  • Start seeing results in your credit in as little as 60-90 days!

We Help Remove Inaccurate and Unverifiable Items Such As...

Collections  •  Charge-Offs  •  Late Payments  •  Repossessions  •  Judgments •  Bankruptcies •  Child Support  •  Inquiries  •  Personal Info  •  & More


$50 Individual/DIY Credit Report Analysis
$85 Couples/DIY Credit Report Analysis

  • 30/min. Consultation
  • Review All 3 Credit Reports/Assist in Strategic Plan
  • Custom Analyis Report


Let's take the first step of improving your credit. Click the button below to schedule your FREE Credit Report Review. Together we analyze your situation and help determine the best action for your personal situation.